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A minimal design with endless opportunities.

We explore design trends, listen to customer needs and expectations, and use our long history of innovation to bring you the most versatile doorglass frame ever. Meet ZEEL®.

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Meet ZEEL, the most versatile doorglass frame ever.

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Spec Sheet

Get the details on ZEEL sizes, materials, maintenance and more.

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Installation Instructions

For installing, uninstalling, and performing a field installation.

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Sleek & Minimal

Designed to be stained or painted, ZEEL blends seamlessly into the entry door, allowing the doorglass to take center stage.

This clean, low-profile look offers an alternative to flush-glazed doors that provides the benefits of a frame system with the style homeowners desire.



Strongest Yet

FiberMate Plus® exceeds performance expectations in extreme environments, resisting scalloping and warping in severe temperatures and direct sunlight even when painted dark colors.

Resolve® Sealant

Resolve sealant is immune to squeeze out and doesn't degrade over time, reducing service calls and warranty issues. This clean thermoset foam seal can be repositioned and stays consistent over time.



Innovative Clip System

ZEEL eliminates the need for screws and cumbersome screw hole covers with an innovative clip system. This allows each frame to sit flush, streamlining installation. This increased efficiency offers an alternative to costly flush glazed doors.

Streamline installation and reduce time.

Get ZEEL certified by watching the installation and uninstall training videos with your installers and technicians.

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Available Sizes & Glass Styles

22" x 64"

7" x 64"

22" x 36"
8" x 36"
22" x 17"
22" x 48"
20" x 64"
22" x 80"
8" x 80"



Decorative Glass

Enclosed Blinds Color Collection

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Ready to order ZEEL? To become eligible, simply watch our installation and uninstallation training videos with your installers and technicians, then confirm your training.
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